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What We're About

Gone are the days of flat, boring, unresponsive websites. Your business could be missing out on vital leads simply due to a sub-par online presence. At Connectd Solutions we focus on building modern websites that are both effective and aesthetic. We focus on ticking all the boxes so that your website stands out. 

We strongly stand for bespoke design, effective development and modern websites. Let’s put an end to ugly websites, together.

Totally Bespoke Design

We detest template websites. Nothing says cheap more than a website that is identical to it's developers'. We want to put an end to template websites - which is why every website we build is designed from scratch.

Super Fast Development

We deploy our best and most efficient programmers to develop your online presence. By following a strict setup procedure and making use of iterative development, we are able to produce websites in record time.

Responsive Design

We focus on modern development and design techniques that help to provide pleasant user experiences, collaborate perfectly with the site aesthetic and rank well for the company SEO.

From Individual to Corporate - Local to Global

We’ve built websites for authors, bloggers, tradesmen, restaurants, agencies and corporate companies. Which is why we believe you can trust that your website is in good hands – we’re experienced, talented professionals with pride and passion for what we do, so let’s get you started on the road to a brilliant online presence.





Website Maintenance

We all know websites are seldom just grab-and-go products. They often require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them healthy and working perfectly.

Luckily, we now also offer this service – we maintain your website for a monthly fee (billing cycles negotiable). What sets our service apart from others? 

We reduce upfront cost if a plan is accepted.

We make regular additions.

We offer free yearly redesigns on all plans.

We maintain the website’s SEO.

We renew domains, hosting and SSL for you.

+ Much more 

Graphics Included

Starting afresh? No problem – we often source professional graphic designers externally in order to perfect your online identity. We usually gather prices all into one and combine both our quote and the graphic designer’s compiled into one quote for simplicity.

See more about professional graphic design by Naff Design.

Some Of Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure to work with clients from many backgrounds and industries.

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E-Commerce, APIs & Integrations

Our team are able to develop premium e-commerce stores and more on multiple platforms. Our platform of choice is the world-best WordPress. Our developers can craft a bespoke online store with multiple, sophisticated levels whether it be for a small business or a corporate profile.

E-Commerce Capabilities through multiple platforms

Google, Payment, Mail and bespoke API integrations

Software integrations such as bookings

Getting Started

Because we do not make template sites, we have to tailor quotes to you. 

You can read about websites and get a rough idea of pricing, however, we recommend you get in touch and request a quote. Normally, we begin with a quick consultation to get an idea of the scale and design of your project.

The Process

  1. We start with a quick consultation to get an idea of the project scale and design.
  2. We get back to you within usually 24hours afterwards with an estimate of price and deadline.
  3. Once accepted, we begin design. We design taster ideas until we find one you love.
  4. Once a design is chosen, we design the entire website, including content and structure.
  5. After design is complete, we begin development.
  6. Then – we launch!

Timelines vary depending on the project, however the average business website is normally all wrapped up within 15 – 30 days.

Let's get you started.

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