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Naff Design offers premium graphic design in Essex at a professional level. We can design corporate logos and marketing materials, local business flyers, high quality videos and gifs, and so much more. See the list of offered services to see our diverse skill-set.

Why Choose a Graphic Designer?

You wouldn’t choose a singer to paint your house – trying to build and maintain a reputable, professional business or portfolio requires a bold and professional identity. Choosing an experienced, talented graphic designer can be the make-or-break in terms of business, build an identity to be proud of, choose professional – choose Naff Design.

How Does it Work?

We understand that sometimes you know what you want, and sometimes you don’t. For this reason, how we approach a project varies on how much you know or want. We aim to provide our clients with draft-designs based on a rough (or thorough!) specification given to us, until they decide on the perfect one. We will do this continuously until your perfect design is found! Usually, this doesn’t take too long.

After you decide on your approach and basic design, we refine the idea and develop it until it suits the project best. We supply the finished piece in a few formats. If you require any special format, let us know and we can work with you. 

Payment is requested upon completion, materials released upon payment.


Professional logos are a must for any business. As the face of a brand, often someone’s first impression of a company; the logos has to concisely communicate a strong, useful message without complicating the aesthetics or confusing the viewer.


Simple and intuitive graphics are a must for the websites and varying platforms of a company. We can design and develop professional icons and graphics for a range of businesses or individuals.


Professional and high quality leaflets or flyers hand designed by us to put your business or organisation at the forefront. We can design an eye-catching piece to simply reel your audience in. Leaflets should communicate the intended message in a detailed and sophisticated way without over complicating.


Digital and physical, we can design a bespoke banner for your page or business. From cover art on a Facebook page to a physical banner in a fayre, we can put your name in front of customers in a useful and intriguing way.


Many individuals and businesses make use of the attractive nature of video, with little effort from a viewer, they can learn lots about a product or service, find resources, or just be generally entertained. We can develop professional quality videos for your project.


We can develop, A1 – A6 page and spreads for local community advertising, such as local business magazines or catalogues, which have proven to be valuable assets to many businesses and organisations.


A crucial part to any company that produces goods, labels are a key asset for organisation, customer knowledge, marketing, sales and tracking. We can design custom labels for your business’ products.


With some trades, it pays to be your own advertisement. Simply wearing your brand can put your company in front of an audience, which in turn can translate into more business and more profit. We can design this company attire for you.

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